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Founders & Creators
250 users |

A community for tech entrepreneurs, digital freelancers, growth marketers & startup people.


Indie Hackers Forum

Discuss SaaS, growth, marketing, ideas, development, and more with entrepreneurs from the community.

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1000 users

Connect with like-minded developers from all over the world.

G355ol6qsrg0j2mhngz9 is a place for programmers of all backgrounds and experience levels to learn and share ideas.


Nomad List

Nomad List is the online platform for digital nomads and travelers.

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Ye!‬ is the global online community of young entrepreneurs.

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#Launch is a place to collaborate, discuss new products, find work, get feedback, or even find a co-founder.

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This is an initiative to help makers keep themselves socially accountable by getting them to build publicly.

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Designer Hangout
10000 users

Invite-only, professional UX design network of 10,000+ UX practitioners.

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The Watercooler
400 users |

Founders and managers talk candidly about how to build a great workplace.

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Nomad House

Spend 30 days launching a side project, learning how to freelance full time or pushing your start-up to the next level with a community of ambitious, creative people... in a beautiful place.

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Slack channel for world-class entrepreneurs looking to 10x their growth.

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A community of small, self-funded businesses that define success on their own terms.

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A place where students make their ideas happen.

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On Deck Daily

Get smarter about startups, technology, and society.

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Startup Foundation
7000 users |

Connect with startups and their founders.

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A place to share, voice frustrations and connect with other bootstrapped startups.


900 users |

An online community of seasoned entrepreneurs... just like you.

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3000 users

A community of photographers, models, and other creatives looking to find collaborators.

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3000 users

A friendly, inclusive community for developers of all skill levels and disciplines.

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700 users |

Fluff-free social network for small business owners online.

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Online Geniuses
30000 users

Marketing community and inperson events in 25 cities, with guests like Gary Vee, Rand Fishkin and many more.

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👋 Remote
100 users

A community of remote workers, around the world.

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300 users

Connecting startup ecosystems around the world to build a community of passionate entrepreneurs.


Digital Nomads Forum

One stop shop for free information & discussions surrounding the adventurous world of digital nomads.

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I Am A Triangle
4000 users

A global community for individuals living outside their passport country.

Ux design community 1024x476

UX Design Community
1300 users

1300+ designers and researchers on Slack to help each other to grow.

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Designer News

Designer News is a large, global community of people working or interested in design and technology.

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1200 users

Mobile society of trailblazers creating a world of their design.

Screen shot 2017 12 11 at 14.52.15

600 users |

Where 600+ "cool kids" in remote work hang out!

Designership header 2

6300 users

A online community for designers looking to share, learn & grow.

Product tribes

Product Tribes

Product Tribes is a community of experienced designers, developers, and PMs.

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An anonymous writing platform to help people deal with all levels of emotional distress.

Screen shot 2018 02 13 at 13.47.57

The Next Big Writer

Feedback, motivation, community, and more for writers.

Screen shot 2017 11 16 at 15.55.04

5000 users

A social community for startups powering data driven investor introductions.

Screen shot 2017 11 01 at 11.29.02

SaaS Alliance

Invite-only community for SaaS founders & professionals to exchange knowledge, ideas and best practices.


Startup Grind

Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.

Screen shot 2017 10 27 at 15.41.22

Makers Club

Makers Club is a group of likeminded individuals who are breaking the barriers and preconceptions around building online products.


Product People Club

A private community for folks who want to earn an independent living from the things they create.

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